TCR Database

TCR Database

TCR is one of the most extensive bodies of information on UK enterprise. TCR is an incredibly rich data toolkit, containing information on economic performance, business activity, and ownership on an individual firm basis. The information held by TCR has been built up seamlessly since 1996 and is maintained today as a longitudinal 15-year knowledge source.

We use this unique dataset to add value to our research and analysis. It provides us with access to a high level of detail and focus on hard to reach areas of the economy such as small and micro businesses.  It also allows us to identify businesses by their distinct activity, meaning we can create niche sector definitions and segment markets.  Hence we work extensively in sectors like the creative and cultural industries and renewable energy, where the traditional tools to map and profile a sector do not work.

Our approach is often described as 'granular' or 'bottom-up'.  Businesses are the building blocks of an economy.  We have access to detailed information on 3.5 million of these building blocks, and we can use them to build any wall our clients want.

The result? TCR embodies the breadth and depth of our economy, and it tracks this over time. It is large, it is detailed, it is transparent, it is highly flexible and it is longitudinal.




For more information on the applications of TCR and its use please contact: Andrew Rowell, Head of TBR Observatory

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