Future Space

Future Space

Predicting future demand for employment land

TBR has been talking to local authorities across England to find out their biggest research needs. A constantly recurring theme emerging from conversations is a deep-seated desire for more detailed, robust, economic evidence bases to underpin local development frameworks (LDFs).

Local authorities have told us that they are not satisfied with traditional employment land reviews (ELRs) which are often lacking in detail (for example, only analysing local economies down to broad sector level) and therefore lacking in focus on demand for employment land for specific activities.

Having listened to economic development managers and spatial planners, TBR has pioneered a groundbreaking solution to this issue. TBR's FUTURE SPACE model provides a detailed, bottom-up analysis of current and future demand for employment land, assessed against supply, which delivers new, actionable insights into the best use of employment land in local economies.

FUTURE SPACE goes beyond the limited detail of traditional ELRs; benefits include: 

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Our own dataset (TCR)

TBR maintains its own extensive core data resource (Trends Central Resource: TCR), which captures fundamental information on around 6.5 million businesses, past and present, and their dynamics. The dataset is the largest longitudinal dataset in the UK on business and as such is a core resource for consistent and robust time series analysis.

TCR is an incredibly powerful tool to understand the nature, scale and dynamics of local, regional and national economies across the UK. As such, we can expediently provide geographical and sectoral detail to address evidence gaps and provide up to date research and analysis.


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