Data at TBR

Data at TBR

Data is fundamental to TBR's work.  We know how to collect, source and analyse primary and secondary data of all kinds to support our research.  So we are expert in survey design and execution, consultation with senior managers and executives, workshop delivery, focus group facilitation, and other techniques to gather the information we need to create insight for our clients.

But whilst some of our competitors use data when they have to, we have a specialism in this field.  We know how to exploit data to its maximum potential, whatever the source.  And whilst the TBR Observatory maintains our unique database, TCR, we are not dogmatic in its use.  We employ it alongside other data (primary or secondary) to create the best research evidence. 

TBR has an enviable reputation for delivering research and evidence that advances our clients' understanding of their subject area.  Not only do we apply a wide range of research skills to our projects, we also apply our niche expertise in data analysis, interrogation and presentation. 

Our experience of applying data to our projects started before the company was formed in the early 1980's, when our chairman Prof. Colin Gallagher utilised business data to demonstrate the critical role that small businesses play in creating jobs.  Since then, we have developed our knowledge and expertise of social, economic and business data of all kinds to become one of the leading experts in how to apply data to economic and market research challenges.  Examples of some of the datasets that we regular use include;

Our data knowledge and analytical capability is embodied within the TBR Observatory, our team of data specialists.  You can find below more about the TBR Observatory and our unique business database, TCR, on the dedicated web pages.

But we are not a one trick pony.  We have a highly skilled team of researchers and consultants to support your work.

If you’d like to speak to us or have any questions about our data, please contact: Andrew Rowell, Head of TBR Observatory (email Andrew, or telephone 0191 279 0900).

Our own dataset (TCR)

TBR maintains its own extensive core data resource (Trends Central Resource: TCR), which captures fundamental information on around 6.5 million businesses, past and present, and their dynamics. The dataset is the largest longitudinal dataset in the UK on business and as such is a core resource for consistent and robust time series analysis.

TCR is an incredibly powerful tool to understand the nature, scale and dynamics of local, regional and national economies across the UK. As such, we can expediently provide geographical and sectoral detail to address evidence gaps and provide up to date research and analysis.


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TBR is proud of its evidence-based research. We dissect complex problems through our skills in the manipulation and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data. See how our data and data skills support our specialist expertise by clicking on know more below.