TBR Observatory

TBR Observatory

TBR is at the forefront of research to support policy development, implementation and monitoring.  Key to our capability is the unique insight that the TBR Observatory can deliver.

The TBR Observatory is a specialist team of data professionals and analysts.  They are highly experienced in sourcing, manipulating and analysing social, economic and business data of all kinds.  The TBR Observatory also maintains and exploits TBR's unique longitudinal business database, TCR.

TBR has an enviable reputation for providing innovative solutions to research challenges.  If you need to understand the dynamics of the sector or economy that you are interested in - and what is driving them - then talk to the TBR Observatory. If you need to understand what is driving the sector or local economy  that    

Our datasets – TCR

TCR is one of the most extensive bodies of information on UK enterprise.  It contains data on 3.5 million live firms in the UK and their performance histories, meaning it can be used to understand the structure and dynamics of any part of the UK economy - any location (down to street), and sector (down to specific products and services) and any size (from micro to conglomerate). 

Analytical skill

The TBR Observatory team use a wide range of analytical techniques to generate valuable insight from data.  These include developing economic models, creating projections and forecasts, creating quantitative indices, spatial analysis and GIS, amongst others.  We know how to extract the maximum value from data.

Data knowledge

The TBR Observatory  team has a deep understanding of the data that exists to support policy research and analysis. We appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of data sources and are highly skilled in using disparate data to answer clients research questions

How the TBR Observatory creates insight:

How the TBR Observatory adds insight
TBR Observatory

TBR also offers the following data and analysis packages which can also be adapted if you so desire:

Future Space

TBR's FUTURE SPACE model provides a detailed, bottom-up analysis of current and future demand for employment land, assessed against supply, which delivers new, actionable insights into the best use of employment land in local economies…

High Growth Businesses

TBR are adept at identifying and researching high-growth businesses in detail. It is possible to investigate these businesses through our dataset (TCR) and help create strategies for businesses to thrive…

Local Economic Insight Suite (LEIS)

We have developed a flexible suite of Local Economic Insight (LEI) analysis which utilises our access to a unique data resource, TCR that provides a firm level, ‘bottom up' view of the UK economy…

Night-Time Economy (NTE)

TBR and MAKE have undertaken the first research ever to look at the value and reach of the UK's evening and night-time economy (NTE). This aspect of the economy is often overlooked, yet is worth £66bn to the UK economy… 

Skills - Labour Market Information (LMI)

TBR is a leading consultancy in the provision of skills and strategy based research services. TBR are experienced in skills and employment research, consultation, econometric modelling, labour markets research and skills gaps/need analysis…

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On our homepage we gave you a flavour of the insight we can provide to clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to advance our clients knowledge and to help them resolve problems.

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