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Project News

July 2015 - TBR presents its analysis of the value of town centres to the UK economy at the ATCM Summer School

June 2015 - Design Council contracts with TBR to deliver a crucial new study into the role and value of design in the UK economy

May 2015 - Arts Council England commission us to research international activity in the arts and cultural sector

April 2015 - TBR partners with CBSL to help the the Cell Therapy Catapult deliver an assessment of current and future skills needs in the cell therapy sector

March 2015 - The Government's long awaited new report on the Low Carbon economy published today, delivered by TBR

March 2015 - Arts Council launches report into the economic impact of museums

February 2015 - Life sciences report now available to download

January 2015 - Government's new economic study of the low carbon economy nearing completion

December 2014 - Westminster City Council study on the Evening and Night Time Economy in final stages

December 2014 - New project for Cogent SSC and the SIP

November 2014 - TBR to attend meeting with life sciences Minister

2014 - TBR working with Pomegranate has been commissioned by the Crafts Council to undertake research into the scale and nature of craft education in England.  

2013 - TBR and Shared Intelligence were commissioned by The LEP Network to update and refresh the LEP Network Annual Benchmark Report

2013 - TBR and Olsberg SPI were commissioned by Creative Skillset UK in 2013 to perform some further work on the forecasting model that the team has produced. 

2013 - TBR is delighted to be working with the Royal Academy of Engineering to explore and consider why women and those from minority ethnic groups appear to drop out of the engineering profession.

2013 - New property regulation impact assessement published

2013 - TBR has been commissioned by the Culture and Sport Evidence (CASE) programme to update the Local Sport and Local Culture & Heritage Profile tools.

2013 - Mapping Heritage Craft - report launched

2013 - LEPs - Key Performance Indicators and High Growth Businesses

2013 - Arts Council Cultural Education Tool produced

Product News

Helping local authorities understand the impact of conversion of office accommodation to residential

A recent announcement by government has indicated their intention to allow the conversion of office accommodation to residential within permitted development rights - meaning that planning permission will not be needed.  For some areas, this may be exciting news but for others it may represent a huge threat to their local economies.  TBR is working with clients to deliver evidence of the likely impact that these changes will have, in order to support applications for exemption where the evidence suggests significant detriment.  To find out more, contact Andrew Graves - hurry, the window for exemption applications is shutting fast!

High Growth Businesses, Business Migration and Key Performance Indicators.

TBR have produced a range of useful Local Authority and LEP data outputs connected to high growth businesses, business migration and key performance indicators which add value to local economic development work. These analyses use TCR to provide up to date and detailed data which can show how Local Authorities or LEP areas are performing. Martin Houghton has been in contact with many LEPs and Local Authorities recently, but if you'd like to see our research on high growth businesses, business migration and/or key performance indicators, please contact Martin Houghton or one of the team on 0191 279 0900. 

Local Economic Insight Suite (LEIS) Launched

TBR continues to develop its reputation for adding insight to local economic evidence. From our research experience we have developed a Local Economic Insight Suite that provides robust, bespoke solutions to research problems. Click here to learn more.


TBR unveils groundbreaking employment land use model - FUTURE SPACE. The FUTURE SPACE model delivers unique insight into the optimal development of employment land in local economies through detailed, bottom-up analysis of current and future demand and supply. Click here to find out how FUTURE SPACE can help you.

TBR's Night Time Economy receives global and national coverage

What's controversial, diverse and worth £66bn to UK plc? That's right, the night time economy. Our analysis, undertaken with our partner MAKE Associates, has been covered in press across the country and TBR have subsequently completed work in Sydney, Australia. A case-study summary can be downloaded. Click here to download it

This work was commissioned by the Council as part of its "OPEN Sydney ; future directions for Sydney at Night" and the Lord Mayor introduced our report as "The first of its kind ever commissioned in Australia" and commended its findings to the Round Table Stakeholders. If you have any questions please contact Martin Houghton.


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