TBR undertakes a wide range of projects in diverse fields.  We organise our work into four domains, which capture the general subject or policy area within which each commission sits.  Some projects span more than one domain, and much of our work has an economic element whichever domain a project sits within.  The work of the TBR Observatory also fits into this structure, and their skills and expertise are utilised across the four domains.

The four domains describe the thematic areas that our projects tend to fall into.  Within these, we offer the following range of services;

  • economic and social research and analysis
  • data, tools and presentation
  • labour market intelligence and skills development
  • appraisal, impact assessment and evaluation
  • business planning and feasibility

Click on the links below to find out more about each of our domains and how we have helped our clients in these areas of expertise.

TBR economics


Since its formation, TBR has excelled in economic research, creating knowledge and insight that contributes to the development and delivery of better policy. TBR also works with clients from the private sector to produce data and research which helps them overcome strategic and operational challenges.

TBR creative


TBR is highly experienced in applying skills to develop strong evidence bases for the creative sector of the UK economy. TBR acknowledges that robust evidence bases are especially valuable in young, dynamic and growing sectors such as the Creative Industries….

TBR skills


Skills research is a core strength of TBR; the company’s extensive experience and expertise in wider economic research has been exploited to create high quality, accomplished skills research solutions …


TBR Environment


TBR has produced a number of valuable low carbon and environmental projects to clients. TBR understands the central role that green thinking will play in the economic and social lives of everyone in the UK. The need for robust and accurate data is essential to supporting this …  

TBR Observatory

TBR is proud of its evidence-based research. We dissect complex problems through our skills in the manipulation and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data. See how our data and data skills support our specialist expertise by clicking on know more below.

Meet our team

TBR has a brilliant team of researchers, consultants and analysts. We work together to provide clients with effective and useful research which makes a difference.


We are very proud of the first-class testimonials that we have received from clients. Click on below to read some of them.