Since its formation in 1986, TBR has been involved in economic research, creating knowledge and insight that contributes to the creation of better policies to support economic development. TBR recognises that policy makers rely upon robust evidence to inform and guide economic strategies and policies. Our research distils clear, insightful messages that expand clients’ understanding of the economic landscape in which they operate.

The current economic climate and rate of change taking place within the UK and global economy has heightened the need for accurate economic analysis. Central to our provision of such analysis is the TBR Observatory, a specialist team of data specialists and analysts.  The TBR Observatory also maintains TCR, the largest longitudinal business dataset in the UK, comprised of over 3.5 million UK businesses.

As well as executing analysis of existing data (both qualitative and quantitative), TBR consultants are skilled in a multiplicity of other research methods such as literature and policy analyses, stakeholder consultation, GIS mapping, evaluation and forecasting, action plan and recommendations development, and policy/strategy design. TBR has delivered a broad variety of interesting and influential projects in the UK economic development sphere.

The key research services that we offer within our economic research domain are;

The skills and knowledge possessed by our team that allows the delivery of such projects can be applied to an enormous range of specific research enquiries and studies.  A small selection of such examples are given below.


TBR brings considerable expertise in economic research and understanding to the connections between people, businesses, geographic areas, skills, learning opportunities and strategic partnerships. We work with a large variety of clients including; central government,  devolved administrations, llllllolollolollllocal authorities, local enterprise partnerships, regional development agencies, partnerships, sector and cluster development bodies, private sector companies and other organisations with a need for economic or market intelligence and research. 

Types of Projects

TBR places robust data at the heart of its work.  Our team of highly qualified consultants ensure that work is efficient and effective. Some examples of the types of project we deliver in our economics domain are listed below: 

High growth businesses & sectors

  • Mapping and identifying high growth businesses.

Supply chain, cluster & key market analysis

  • Bespoke sectoral analyses of offshore windfarm sectors and supply/value chain analysis.
  • Detailed historical analysis – with no ‘breaks in data’ back to 1996 Cluster Mapping.

GVA gaps & drivers

  • Local authority level productivity outputs.

Impact of start-ups & closures

  • Segmenting/mapping business data beyond publicly available 4-digit SIC classifications/restrictions.

Functional Economic Area analysis

  • Investigating functional economic areas and providing detailed economic analysis.

Market profiling

  • Supplying ‘target’ lists of businesses – e.g. top 50 employers.
  • Identifying inward investment.

Demand for employment land & LDF support

  • Employment land use analysis for local development frameworks. 

Mapping businesses (high growth, micro, sector specific)

  • Micro-business mapping – profiling the 0-5 cohort.
  • Sector analysis.
  • Identifying and assessing the role of home-based businesses in an economy.

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