TBR Company CV

TBR Company CV

Company Name: Trends Business Research Ltd

Established: September 1986

Board Members: Andrew Graves (MD), Prof. Colin Gallagher (Chair), Terry Bevan (Director of Business Development), Anna Morgan (Head of TBR Observatory).


Established in 1986, TBR is a leading consultancy in the provision of economic and strategy based research services throughout the UK’s professional and public service sectors. The company was established following the completion of groundbreaking research for the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI) into the job creation activity of small firms. Since then TBR has amassed a deep understanding of the methods for analysing local, regional and national economies as well as sectors, markets and clusters. We work in partnership with clients in order to deliver effective, intelligent and robust research solutions that are reliable, insightful, actionable and - most importantly - add value.


We also have a distinctive capability compared to our comptetitors - our own longitudinal business database covering all sectors and locations in the UK. This dataset, called Trends Central Resource (TCR), is one of the most extensive bodies of information on UK enterprise. A private sector equivalent of HM Government’s own Interdepartmental Business Register (IDBR) it contains data on 3.5 million firms in the UK.  This resource is managed by our specialist data analysis team, the TBR Observatory.


TBR's people bring a wide range of skills and experience to the projects and studies we are commissioned to complete. We are more than just a group of analysts, statisticians and consultants; we are cohesive team of individuals with backgrounds across industry, government and academia. Our activities are based upon the collection, analysis, enrichment, and reporting of information on businesses and other organisations to further the strategic aims of our clients. Clients hire our economic insight team to provide specific, robust evidence of economic strengths and weakness, programme/project impact, economic development issues and target market size and scope. Not only do we offer deep experience in understanding the issues associated with research in these areas, but we offer unique data and analysis resources that provide a level of detail not available through traditional analytical routes. 

With niche skills in the collection, management and profiling of data, TBR employs sophisticated and intelligent analysis to deliver considered and valuable insight. TBR provides understanding of the dynamics, structure, size, profile and likely future of business populations and workforces, and uses this data to inform strategy, highlight impact and evaluate performance.

Our team is therefore highly adept in the use and interpretation of a wide range of economic data, including our own. When combined with the principles that guide some of the more technical areas of work – evaluation, for example – our background, skills, experience and data mean we can deliver valuable, insightful work to our clients. We can answer more questions, provide more intelligence and deliver more accurate and robust evidence-based messages and strategic options.

TBR is committed to creating an environment in which employees' professional and personal interests and ambitions are supported and encouraged. As an equal opportunities employer TBR is also committed to equality of opportunity by promoting a work environment free from discrimination in any form.

Key Policy Contributions

The Components of Employment Change in the UK, series of studies throughout the 1980's and 1990's for DTI.  Similar studies also understaken specifically focusing on Scotland (for Scottish Enterprise) and Wales (for Welsh Development Agency)

Scotland's Business Birth Rate, Scottish Enterprise, 1992 - underpinning the creation of the Scottish Business Birth Rate strategy

Business Clusters in the UK - a first assessment, DTI, 2001 - TBR led the consortium delivering this key study and reported direct to Lord Sainsbury

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TBR is proud of its evidence-based research. We dissect complex problems through our skills in the manipulation and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data. See how our data and data skills support our specialist expertise by clicking on know more below.