Research & Consultancy

Research & Consultancy

TBR’s Research and Consultancy team delivers bespoke research solutions and policy and strategy advice to our clients. Our mission is to help our clients find solutions to challenges, generate valuable evidence and to take decisions on the basis of the knowledge we create.

Focused, robust evidence is critical to the design of effective strategies and policies. As a group of highly skilled and experienced economic development practitioners, we understand the environments in which our clients operate, the pressures they are exposed to and the goals they need to achieve.  This means we can design and implement highly effective research and consultancy solutions.  We help our clients find solutions to their information, intelligence and evidence needs through the provision of advice on the most appropriate research solutions to meet corporate or organisational objectives.

Alongside the research support we provide in designing policy and strategies, we also assist our clients in understanding and evaluating the impact and effectiveness of their solutions to improve future performance.

Our Research and Consultancy team works closely with the TBR Observatory in order to develop insightful evidence and insight based on data gathering, analysis and assimilation.  Often this includes exploiting the capabilities of TCR, our longitudinal business dataset maintained and employed by the TBR Observatory.  This might be, for example, to identify the key drivers of economic growth in a particular sector, to generate a sophisticated sample frame for a survey to identify barriers to business growth, or to develop KPIs to understand how a neighbourhood or local economy is changing through time. 

Examples of the research techniques we employ include;

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TBR has a brilliant team of researchers, consultants and analysts. We work together to provide clients with effective and useful research which makes a difference.

We value your feedback

We greatly value candid feedback from our customers regarding the outcome of projects, our conduct and the value that we add.  If you would like to discuss your project in person, please contact Andrew Graves, Managing Director.