Emma Pooley

Emma Pooley

Senior Research Analyst

Tel: +44 (0)191 279 0910

Email: emma.pooley@tbr.co.uk

Emma joined TBR from a career as a data analyst for Scottish Government where she managed, compiled and analysed Scotland’s fisheries data and contributed to stock assessment models, which formed advice for the EU Common Fisheries Policy. Prior this this, she completed a PhD in biology and so has experience in academic, government and commercial research. During her PhD studies, Emma developed a keen interest in statistical analysis and contributed to undergraduate and master’s level statistics teaching and carried out freelance work as a statistical consultant.

Emma is well versed in techniques of statistical analysis and statistical modelling using a variety of analytical software packages including R. She developed her skills in the R programming language during her PhD and her time with the Scottish Government, where she also gained experience in dealing with large datasets and population modelling.

Since joining TBR Emma has gained experience in the use of TBR’s longitudinal business dataset, TCR, to carryout economic analysis and sector mapping. Emma has also carried out several projects involving workforce mapping and education and training provision using a range of secondary data. Emma also has experience using a range of survey data such as the Annual Population Survey and the Annual Business Survey and has experience working with secure microdata and the Office of National Statistic’s Virtual Microdata Laboratory. She is experienced in a range of statistical techniques including multiple regression models. During her time at TBR Emma has also gained experience in project management.

Emma holds a BSc (Hons) in Behavioural Biology from the University of St Andrews and a PhD from the University of Glasgow.