About us

About us

TBR is an economic development and research consultancy with niche skills in the use of economic data to clarify the dynamics of local, regional and national economies, sectors, clusters and markets.  Whatever the subject of our research and consultancy work, we focus on ensuring that our clients have the evidence that they require to make informed, confident decisions in appropriate development options, strategies and plans.

TBR was founded in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1986 to commercialise ground-breaking research undertaken by our Chairman, Prof. Colin Gallagher, to demonstrate the critical job-creation role of small businesses.  This research used  business data to generate the first ever bottom-up, granular analysis of the dynamics of the UK economy.  We continue to exploit this intellectual capital to this day, but we have also developed our practice to cover a wider range of policy areas across the economic, social and political spheres.  We maintain a head office in Newcastle upon Tyne along with a presence in the South East.

We offer a range of services including research, data collection and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, consultation, toolkit development, advisory services, policy and strategy development and feasibility studies.  We organise our projects into four domains; Economics research, Skills and labour markets, Creative and cultural industries, and Environment and green technology.

Our clients include UK and international organisations in the following sectors; central government, devolved administrations, regional development agencies, local authorities, sector and cluster bodies, sector skills councils and other skills development organisations, partnerships and private sector companies.

TBR is structured into two business units - Research & Consultancy and the TBR Observatory.  This structure allows each team to focus on delivering projects which capitalise on the skills and knowledge of the individuals involved.  Our research and consultancy team contains a lead individual for each of our four domains.

Research & Consultancy

TBR’s Research and Consultancy team provides bespoke research solutions and policy and strategy advice to our clients.

TBR Observatory

The TBR Observatory is a specialist team of data specialists and analysts, and they also maintain and exploit our unique longitudinal business database, TCR.

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