TBR - a leading economic research and strategy consultancy

TBR - a leading economic research and strategy consultancy

Trends Business Research Ltd (TBR) is a leading UK consultancy providing research, information and advisory services to public and private sector clients. We provide our clients with the evidence they need to make confident, informed decisions.



The TBR Observatory

We are a fully fledged research and strategy consultancy, but we also have an edge. Our TBR Observatory team brings a combination of leading edge analytical skills, data knowledge and TBR's unique longitudinal business database, TCR. They generate insight that is beyond the capability of our competitors.


 All staff at TBR were professional and committed to the project. They had an excellent understanding of the issues involved and the information we were trying to ascertain and use to inform our future actions and decisions. We would certainly recommend them in the future.

Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator, East Durham Business Service

Did you know?


Following last year's referendum on the EU did you know that TBR has been supporting clients to understand the impact that Brexit may have on their economy and sector.  

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Our specialist expertise

TBR works within four core domains; economics, creative, skills and environment. Find out more about our skills and specialist expertise, the types of projects we undertake and read case studies and testimonials.

Evening & Night Time Economy

TBR is highly experienced in understanding local economies after dark. This often hidden element of the economy is important for certain areas and TBR has been creating intelligence to help understand this.